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10 details you may have missed on Sunday’s episode of ‘The Walking Dead’


TWD 1104 Daryl and Leah
Daryl and Leah have an unexpected reunion on Sunday's "The Walking Dead."

  • Warning: There are spoilers ahead for "TWD" season 11, episode four, "Rendition."
  • Insider breaks down some of the callbacks and little cameos you may have missed on the episode.
  • Agatha, who died on episode three, can briefly be seen hanging upside down near the episode's start.
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The title of Sunday’s episode is “rendition” and is meant to be a nod to Leah’s return on the show.

Lynn Collins as the Reaper Queen on TWD 1104
Leah removes her Reaper mask to show herself to Daryl.

After-show “Talking Dead” pointed out that the title of Sunday’s episode comes from the Latin verb, “reddere,” which means “to return.”

Leah points a shotgun at Daryl, recreating their first encounter on “TWD.”

Leah shotgun TWD 1018 vs TWD 1104
Daryl finds himself at the end of a shotgun, once again, with Leah.

When Daryl first came across Leah, she greeted him the same way.

It’s likely why Dog has been a bit mischievous, running off. Dog probably smelled the scent of his former owner.

Laurie Fortier told us we would see Agatha again on this week’s episode, but you likely missed her.

TWD 1104 Laurie Fortier Agatha dead Reapers
Agatha can be seen hanging as Daryl is dragged into Meridian.

Fortier previously told Insider that we’d see Agatha “in a precarious position” in a future episode. 

How closely were you looking at some of the dead who the Reapers had at their compound? According to “Talking Dead,” Agatha was among the dead hanging upside down.

You can spot her above. 

Daryl easily gets claimed by another group, proving how much of an asset others immediately see him as in the zombie apocalypse.

TWD season 4 vs season 11
Daryl's two very different conversations with the leaders of the Claimers, Joe, on season four and Pope on season 11.

If people had to choose teams in the zombie apocalypse, everyone would choose Daryl Dixon first.

Negan wanted him to become a member of the Saviors, Joe tried to get him to be part of his Claimers crew, and, now, Pope has initiated him into the Reapers. 

Sorry, boys. This guy already has a family.

Leah wasn’t in on it when the Reapers locked her and Daryl in a trailer and subsequently set it on fire.

TWD 1104 Daryl and Leah
Leah was just as stunned as Daryl in this moment.

On “Talking Dead,” Lynn Collins said Leah wasn’t aware the Reapers were going to lock her and Daryl inside the trailer and set it ablaze as some sort of “trial by fire” test to see if they could escape.

“She was not part of it,” Collins said. “She realizes when she looks down and she sees the gasoline, whatever was flammable, on the boards of the cabin floor.”

Collins said while they were filming, they discussed how quickly Leah should necessarily go back and side with the Reapers after they just tried to kill her.

“How quickly does she get up and realize, ‘Oh my God. They just tried to kill me?’ Where’s her allegiance” Collins said, adding that Leah may have decided to side with the Reapers strategically for the time being. “I think in that moment she realizes she has to stay allegiant to them to survive and to make sure that also Daryl survives it now. She knows how extreme it’s going to get.”

The inspiration for the Reaper masks came from a number of places.

twd 1102 reapers
The Reapers as they're seen at the end of season 11, episode two.

“Military can sometimes have tactical masks and sometimes they do have things like skulls or interesting designs on them,” showrunner Angela Kang revealed on a bonus feature on AMC+.

“We were also just looking at different kinds of post-apocalyptic concept art, video games, to just things that are written about with people in gas masks,” Kang added.

When they were thinking about the look of the Reapers, Kang said that they pictured a group who came in “like the Grim Reaper.”

The phrase the Reapers say after Daryl’s successful initiation is: “Fortitudo Saludis.”

TWD 1104 Leah
Leah and the other members of the Reapers welcome Daryl to their group.

The Latin phrase comes from chapter 139 of The Book of Psalms.

The entire phrase is: “Domine Deus fortitudo salutis meae protexisti caput meum in die belli.

It translates to: “O Lord, Lord, the strength of my salvation: thou hast overshadowed my head in the day of battle.”

This adds up once you know Pope is a rather religious man. 

That same phrase was previously hinted at on Leah’s first appearance on season 10, episode 18.

daryl carol knife twd 1018
Leah's knife hinted at her military background. sdfghjklzxcvbnmwertyuio

The knife she carried, which she gave to Daryl, bore the letters, “FS.”

That knife is now in Carol’s possession.

Leah and Pope have matching tattoos.

TWD 1104 pope and leah matching tattoos
Did you notice Pope's tattoo?

Pope’s tattoo on his inner arm is the same one we see on Leah’s upper arm briefly on season 10, episode 18 about 33 minutes into the episode.

Jacob Young briefly appears in the background of Sunday’s episode, but you wouldn’t know unless you’re looking for him.

TWD 1104 Jacob Young Reapers
The soap star was in the background of episode four.

If you’re a soap opera fan, the former “All My Children,” “General Hospital,” and “The Bold and the Beautiful” star plays a Reaper named Deaver and could briefly be seen in the background of a few scenes on Sunday’s episode.

We’re hoping to see more of him when the Reapers return on the season’s sixth episode, as seen in upcoming previews.

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