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One of the main objectives of an online business is to make the visitors convert into customers by taking a certain number of actions on the website. These actions might include registering for a free trial of a product, providing contact data or signing up for a newsletter. Blogs fall into this category as well because they also need to connect with the visitors and make them convert into leads or customers.

WordPress is a perfect platform to accomplish all these tasks because it has an incredible, user-friendly design and impressive functionality. Making a WordPress blog a money-making machine requires some effort and tools, especially when you are just starting out. The good news is, however, there are many tools to enhance the conversion process and make running your blog a lot easier.

Let’s take a lot at 20 fresh tools that are needed to make money from your WordPress blog.If you dont have a blog here is a quick guide to start your own blog in 15 minutes With cheap free hosting.

  1. Jetpack

The first item on our list is an impressive plugin that ensures great functionality. Even though the primary goal of Jetpack is keeping your WordPress website in order, it can be used for making money in many indirect ways. For example, it can help you monitor the traffic on your blog by providing statistics, improve your social media rankings by automatically publishing your posts to Facebook and Twitter, and make sure customer spend more time on the blog by increasing its loading speed.

  1.  Mobile Ad for WordPress

Another plugin that would be a nice addition to your money-making effort. Mobile Ad is an effective and innovative ad unit that allows the user to use different ad experiences, including topinline, banner, and others. Also, it could be used to control how visitors see the ad and choose the time to display it (for example, after the visitor has reached the middle of the page).

  1. Mailchimp for WordPress

Experienced online marketers know how great Mailchimp is for generating leads via email marketing, so why not use this tool for a WordPress blog? It can be used for getting more subscribers by creating stunning opt-in options and helping to conduct marketing campaigns. The user will need just one minute to sync with the MailChimp account and start promoting the blog to potential customers.

  1. TinyPass

If you wish to sell access to your blog posts or downloads, use this great tool. It allows online publishers to make money off their content by selling the access to it starting from $.0.02. You would not need to change any structure or design elements on your blog for TinyPass to be installed, plus it supports more than 20 currencies.

  1. Foobar

The next tool is a plugin used to add notification bars to WordPress. Not only does it improve the design of the blog but also has a number of great functions, such as messages, social media profile links and updates, and subscription information. Bloggers can add messages or links to landing pages to invite viewers to visit them.

  1. WP125

Quality advertising helps to convert visitors into leads and make money from third parties. This tool allows you to add and manage 125×125 ads on the blog and track their progress, so if you need a management system for your ads, you can use this one.

  1. Pretty Link

This is an incredibly functional tool that masks affiliate URLs by creating short and brandable links. It also acts as a management system that monitors the performance of the URLs, thus allowing you to see the ones that are the most popular among the visitors.

  1. Easy PayPal Buy Now Button

Need to receive payments via PayPal? No problem. Use this plugin to sell your content or products by using the “Buy Now” button. It makes purchasing and receiving payments easy.

  1. WP Full Stripe Free

Another payment option for your WordPress blog is Stripe. Use the many features, such as creating payments, accepting them, viewing the list of payments, choosing the style of payment forms, and choosing email receipts. A small but powerful tool for those who need to have a payment option on their blog.

  1. HelloBar

If you need to drive traffic from your blog to a secondary landing page, you can use this tool. It is a ssl-compatible bar that encourages and manages clicks to other pages.

  1. ExitMonitor

Getting visitors to convert is certainly a difficult task but it can be easier if you use this tool. ExitMonitor is a comprehensive system that enables the user to track the behavior of the viewers on different pages of the blog and show you the most profitable content.

  1. Facebook Popup Like Box

Even Facebook can help you make money. This tool is awesome for promoting your FB page because it appears in front of the blog’s content and asks users to follow you. As the result, the number of unique visitors of you social media profile will increase.

  1. Content.ad

If you need to display popular content from your partners on the blog, this tool is for you. It is a content recommendation platform that allows generating more leads and monetizing the content more easily and effectively.

  1. Aussiewriter

Engaging content is the most important feature on the blog that attracts viewers and persuades them to convert into leads. Certainly, creation of an effective blog content requires some expertise, so having someone assisting you on content structure and features is a good idea, especially for beginners. This tool can be used just for that.

  1. AffiGet Mini for Amazon

If you are a blogger that uses Amazon for finding products and services, this plugin will be a huge help because it enables to add Amazon’s pages with one click. By automating this process, you will have detailed product reviews on our site in a matter of seconds.

  1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

This plugin can help your blog to rank higher by analyzing your content and SEO performance. It can also add some advanced functionality to drive traffic and increase the revenue.

  1. Greenapp Mobile Ads

The name of the tool says it all: it allows bloggers to make a profit by installing the ads such as banners and splash screens. Every time someone uses the link and installs the promotional app, you earn your share.

  1. Google Publisher Plugin

If your blog has a lot of content, this official plugin developed by Google is a great option because it integrates Google Adsense. As the result, you can earn money through the advertisements by displaying them.

  1. Google Authorship Plugin

Experienced online marketers know that visitors are much more likely to click on blog posts that show the faces of the authors. This plugin allows to do just that, so by adding your picture to the post you can encourage more clicks through Google.

  1. Vuukle

The last tool on our list is great for allowing your readers to interact more easily and effectively. It also views analytics, so you can see which posts perform the best.

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