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24 of the best TV couples of all time


Alice and Tasha broke boundaries on Showtime’s “The L Word.”

The L Word Alice and Tasha

Alice and Tasha had to fight to be together.


When it comes to unexpected couples, Alice and Tasha are another pair who top the list.

Alice met Tasha through a mutual friend. Tasha, a serious woman in the military, had no time for Alice and her silly, playful attitude. Eventually, though, Alice won her over, and the two grew extremely close.

But Tasha’s military background continued to get in the way, especially when she was put under investigation for “homosexual conduct.”

Tasha ended up choosing to leave the army, but then another threat overshadowed their relationship. Alice became suspicious that Tasha had a thing for a close friend of theirs and ultimately asked her to choose between them.

It took time, but Tasha ended up choosing Alice, solidifying their relationship and allowing them to move forward.

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