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I ate over 120 Trader Joe’s foods this year. Here are the 15 best ones.


This cacio-e-pepe ravioli is a creative and delicious take on a well-loved classic.

trader joe's cacio e pepe ravioli in black packaging on wooden table

Trader Joe’s cacio-e-pepe ravioli doesn’t need sauce to be delicious.

Savanna Swain-Wilson

You could pick nearly any Trader Joe’s ravioli and be guaranteed a satisfying dinner, but this cacio-e-pepe option will really knock your socks off.

I initially had doubts this would be another so-so cheese ravioli, but I was mistaken. This stuff is a testament to how basic flavor combinations, when done correctly, can make for the most elegant dishes.

The filling is a very simple blend of Pecorino, ricotta, and lots of black pepper, and it’s absolutely outstanding.

Plus the pasta pockets themselves are also infused with black pepper, so every bite is an explosion of cheesy, rich, salty, and spicy profiles.

It’s so flavorful that it doesn’t need a substantial sauce to taste good. I tossed it in little olive oil and ended up devouring the entire package over the course of the night.

It’s just $4 a package and it passes for something you’d order from an upscale restaurant

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