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Supply shortages mean Norwegian conscripts must return their used underwear at the end of their military services


  • The COVID-19 pandemic has led to supply chain shortages across the globe. 
  • Its latest impact is on the underwear of Norway’s enlisted service members. 
  • Conscripts will now have to return their intimates to be reused by their successors. 

Norweigan’s enlisted will now have to return their used underwear – as well as bras and socks – after their service is done due to supply shortages, Euronews reported. 

The Guardian reported that the Army made the decision because of dwindling supplies and supply chain issues caused by the pandemic making it hard for them to get more. 

“The decision to reuse this part of the kit will help us have more volume in circulation and increase the delivery capacity of the equipment. We have too little in stock,” Army Logistics spokesman Hans Meisingset said.

Euronews, citing public broadcaster NRK, reported that in years past, conscripts could voluntarily return their intimates, but now it’s mandatory.

“The linen is washed, cleaned, and checked. What we distribute is in good condition,” Meisingset said.

The Guardian reported that a conscripts’ representative told a local trade outlet that the shortages could impact the operations of those enlisted. 

“Severe shortages of equipment and clothing can potentially affect operational readiness and, in the worst case, the safety of the soldier,” Eirik Sjøhelle Eiksund told the Norwegian trade publication Forsvarets Forum.

Norway has compulsory conscription but not everyone ends up being drafted. Every year, those who are old enough to be drafted get a self-declaration form from the armed forces asking them for details about their physical and mental health, criminal record, as well as how motivated they are to join. Then the most fitted candidates are selected to move on to the next phase.

In 2015, the country extended conscription to include women. Overall, only about 8,000 to 10,000 conscripts will be selected from around 60,000 draftable Norwegians in each class. 

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