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SVPlayer (SVP) – a MEMC / smooth video player 1.1.4 APK Download by SVP Team

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SVP (a.k.a. SmoothVideo Project) converts any video to 60 fps (and even higher) and performs this in real time. From the extensive feedback from the community, we learned that anyone who actually watched at least three movies at high frame rate would never ever want to watch anything in the obsolete 24 fps standard 😉

More info plus desktop applications: www.svp-team.com

In-app purchases: frame rate conversion (MEMC) is a PAID option after short trial period.

Using SmoothVideo Project (SVP) real-time motion interpolation (MEMC) engine, including:
* Target frame rate selection (48 fps, 60 fps, 120 fps, x2, x3 rate…)
* Flexible configuration
* Black bars detection and lighting

********** !!!!!! ***********
Please be aware that SVP engine requires a recent and powerful CPU and a vendor-specific OpenCL support. At least Snapdragon 855 performance level is highly recommended for 1080p playback.
SVPlayer WILL drain the battery as top games do and it MAY NOT WORK at all on old/slow devices. Please don’t write bad reviews just because your device can’t handle it.

Based on mpv video player supporting:
* All video and audio formats out there
* Hardware video decoding
* Playback of network streams
* High quality scaling and rendering
* HDR tone mapping
* and much more…

If you’d like helping with translations to your language – feel free to contact us 😉

Q & A

Q: Is my device XXX supported?
A: We don’t have any phone/tablet on the planet in our hands. This is why you can try SVPlayer by yourself for free and decide if it works for you or not.

Q: Why my device is not supported?
A: Various reasons:
– Android version older than 9;
– less than 2 GB of RAM (at least 3 GB is highly recommended);
– device doesn’t support and/or provide access to OpenCL API – for example, all Google Pixel devices; NVIDIA Shield; etc.

Q: Recommended hardware?
A: Snapdragon 855 or equal, 4 GB of RAM

Q: Will you support Android TV?
A: Probably later. Right now there’re no powerful enough Android TV boxes out there. And Shield doesn’t have OpenCL.

Q: My device lagging / stuttering!
A: There’re various methods to lower CPU consumption:
– on the “Frame rate” page move the performance/quality slider to the left, step by step;
– on the “Size and light” page set the “Decrease frame” to at least 1080p, or even to 720p.
– for the 10-bit video, _disable_ the “Allow output in 10-bit color depth” option
– turn off hardware decoder (the HW button), this may help in some cases

Q: There’s no video / green screen / etc
A: Try to turn off hardware decoding (via options, or with the HW button). Not every SoC supports hardware decoding of every video format or codec.

Q: Can I open Youtube (P**nhub, etc.) video?
A: You need a direct link to the M3U8 stream. You can use 3rd-party software, for example “Web Video Caster” can open network stream in an external player.

Q: Can I play video from network share / DLNA server?
A: Yes, but only using 3rd-party software. Either start playback from file managers like Total Commander or RS File Explorer or mount SMB share to the filesystem using apps like “Android Samba Client” or “AndSMB”. And you can browse DLNA server from, for example, “BubbleUPnP” and then open a video in an external player, which is SVPlayer.

Q: I see “Error checking license” message after launching.
A: SVPlayer needs direct access to www.svp-team.com web site for the license approval.

Q: Will you make iOS version?
A: Hopefully 😀 but it isn’t so easy in any case.


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