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Video shows 80 ostriches parading through the streets of a Chinese city after a farm worker failed to secure a gate


  • Over 80 ostriches escaped from a farm in a Southern Chinese city. 
  • The birds paraded around the town before police helped the owner round up most of them. 
  • No one was injured. 

More than 80 ostriches ran through the streets of a Chinese town after a farmworker failed to properly close a gate, several outlets reported. 

CGTN reported there were no injuries after the birds ran through the streets of Chongzuo in southern China over the weekend. 


According to CGTN, the farm the ostriches escaped from has raised over 300 of the birds. The farmer was able to get most of the birds back with the help of local police, CNN reported. 

The ostrich is the world’s largest bird and can grow to be as tall as nine feet. The bird can cover as much as 16 feet in just one stride and can go as fast as 45 miles an hour, according to National Geographic.

This jailbreak is hardly the first time animals have run loose in cities. In October 2020, a herd of cows escaped from a dairy farm in Victoria, Australia. One of them even ended up on a neighbor’s trampoline.

This past September, five zebras wandered around a Maryland town for days after escaping from a private farm. 

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